Rolling Pin Guide/Dishwasher Safe

Sweet Prints

$ 9.00 


This is for a single set of guides (2)- one for each side and does not include the rolling pin as shown in the pictures.

One size only that will fit a Joseph rolling pin.

The measuring rings will roll dough to a 1/3" (8mm) thickness.

The measuring ring has a 2.25" diameter. The center hole has a .75" diameter.

Made with dishwasher safe, food safe PLA plastic.

Colors will either be white or blue.

Place on top rack of dishwasher.

Please do not request more sizes. This is the only size we are making at this time.

PLA is the common name for Polylactic Acid or Polyactide. PLA is made from starch rich plants such as corn, wheat and sugar beets.

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