How do you make your cookie cutters?

Artwork is designed by Brian.  He either creates his own artwork or purchases a license from the artist.

All of the cookies cutters sold by Sweet Prints are made using the seemingly mystifying technology known as 3d printing. How does it work? The process is actually quite simple, if not time-consuming.

It begins by designing the cookie cutter in 3d Design software. After the design has been finalized, I export the model and put it into my 3d slicing software. What this does is slice the model into multiple layers that the 3d printer can build up one layer at a time.

When I'm ready to print, all I do is point the 3d printer to the sliced file and hit "Print". It's really that easy! The only downside to 3d printing is the time it takes to print a design. One cookie cutter can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours to complete.